Hey, what up? Nothing. Now, don't you start telling me lies. I can feel what you feel, remember? I know something is wrong. I remember. But that would only mean you also know what I know, wouldn't it? Then, why you ask? Smart girl. You know, I miss you somehow. We haven't been talking for… Continue reading Debate



Role-playing Games. What ifwe are actually just a pawnin an RPG world? credit: Laplace M (MMORPG) Imagine,how you movehow you talkhow you ask and answerwhat you eat and drinkwhen you sleep or walk or do somethingare decided by some "thing" other than you? That you don't get to decide.You're just a hollow vessels. Whatif?

Read, Listen, Pay Attention

then you shall understand. What life has to offer.What life has been giving to you. And definitely,what you've been taking from life itself.More often than not, for granted. You thought,life owes you somethingwhen they're not. You thought,you've done goodand life has to give you goodwhen they don't. You thought,you've been unluckythat life has to pay… Continue reading Read, Listen, Pay Attention

Choosing A Leader

Izinkan saya untuk berbicara menggunakan bahasa ibu saya karena perbincangan kali ini pun adalah mengenai negara saya, Indonesia. Pada perbincangan kali ini, saya sama sekali tidak berniat untuk menggurui atau apapun. Saya hanya ingin sekedar menuangkan pemikiran pribadi saya berdasarkan sedikit ilmu yang saya miliki sejauh ini. looking after the other.. Saya pernah dengar ada… Continue reading Choosing A Leader