In this era, information is more than just accessible. It’s always coming and always flowing even when you’re not looking for it.
It’s not just being available, it’s sometimes also attacking us.

We don’t ask for them, but they keep coming. Beating us mercilessly. We thought we can’t have too much information. However, the time has come for us to finally be able to feel that way.

Overwhelmed by information.

source: tenor

People around me always say, “Don’t jump in to conclusion before you really know the actual truth.” And that is, I think, the most crucial thing being in this era of globalization where information is flowing freely like crazy.

But, does everyone get to be told that?
Is everyone actually ready with this development?

Or are we just pushing all these technologies forward mindlessly? Without actually knowing what all those things can bring? Can do? Without being aware of the consequences that comes along with all the fancy shimmering effect?

“We give you the most beautiful thing in life.. ‘Story'” – Museum Kata Andrea Hirata (Belitung Island, Indonesia)

Last month, in Indonesia, we had a bullying case which went viral internationally. We also had the election going. Many news, stories, and broadcasts were being distributed on every social media platform. Too many that I can’t even manage to process all of them to decide which one is really true.

With the bullying case, I didn’t really dig deep into the story. People around me were telling me about it. In details I might say. But, when they told me about it, how extreme the case was, I got angry for a minute. A minute, and I started questioning. Is this really true?

Then, the police found out that the real case was not as horrifying as what the news had been telling us. Heck, the news’ sources are from social media post. Mostly. Sources that my teacher always banned me from using because of their credibility. They’re only looking for clicks. More clicks, more money. Despite the worthiness of the news itself. Despite the validity of the news either.

Where can I get a trusted information, then?

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