Continuing from several posts ago.

I’m well aware that I said we need silence. We need to have time to ourselves to contemplate, to re-adjust our daily activities (whether they’re still in line with your ultimate goal in life), to basically re-charge your energy (hey, meeting too many negative people is exhausting).


But, don’t you work it out already? Don’t you see why people, fully conscious that scrolling through their social media feed is mostly wasting their time, keep doing that nevertheless?

People are afraid of the truth. People are terrified of their own voices telling them the truth about what they’re lacked at. Because not everyone can handle that feeling of unaccomplished. Because not eveyone knows that being imperfect is ultimately perfect. Because not everyone understands that being different is totally normal.

That embracing your own true self is the most comforting and rewarding thing you can do to yourself.

But, yeah, it can be scary at the beginning.

the noise.

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