i know it’s blurry, just bear with it.

Don’t you feel that this world is so noisy?
Overwhelmingly loud?

It’s like everyone is always trying to say something. We always put music everywhere we go. We put horn on cars. And by the way, when I say it’s loud, it’s not just about sound you can hear. It’s also about things.


Your phone. Your social media. Instagram and twitter. The stare of other people directed to us. Other people weirdness. Lights. Promos. The mess on your table. Clothes in your closet. A lot of things are trying to deafen us. To distract us.

From what?

From ourselves.
From the sound of your heart.
From what’s truly important in our lives.


Because they are afraid. Once people truly understand themselves, once they are able to unlock their untapped potential, once they realize that the world is filled with bullsh*t, they will become so great and unstoppable. They won’t be eaten by some foolish advertisements or empty talks.

People will be uncotrollable.
And for some other people, that’ll be horrifyingly brutal.


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